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    My Defense / Save Me 12x12” Canvas

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    Acrylic on canvas by Mikayla Ragsdale. 1/1 original cover art for the song “My Defense / Save Me” by Brett Raio, Azeekah, and JayyFaith from the Psalms album, based on Psalms 54-71 of The Book of Psalms.

    • Hand-painted, professionally-commissioned 12x12" canvas.

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    • 100% of profits go towards advancing The Kingdom of God.

    From the artist: “This painting is inspired by Psalms 54-71. These Psalms are for one that feels betrayed, rejected and stuck in a hard situation with no one by their side. David is running from Saul and describes the men after his life as ravenous dogs. He asks God in a cry for a Fathers help “save me”! In the end David reminds himself of God’s faithfulness and that His love is his protection. No matter what the Lord will deliver him and a song of triumph will be sung! This painting describes my life right now. I feel David because I am walking through something similar. My mom has said nothing can manifest in the physical until something happens in the spiritual. That happened in this piece. The Lord has me on a mountain of praise at the moment and to be totally honest it’s hard to be here right now. Yet my Abba says it’s somewhere where I need to be, for praise is a weapon! I wanted to show David in the wilderness, a barren land praising the Lord. You may think why is he praising the Lord when there’s wolves surrounding him about to take his life?! Because as Exodus 14:14 says “The Lord will fight for you while you [only need to] keep silent and remain calm.”” The Lord has really been walking me through this verse. So many times we want to pick up our sword and shield and fight when we have been wronged. But as I painted, we need to put our “sword and shield” down in our hard situation and pick up the harp of praise! It’s easier said then done but painted in the clouds is a reminder! An angel army is already released from the Father himself ready to defend you! You just remain still, silent and the Lord will fight for you. Just as the song My Defender says “You go before I know, that you even gone to win my war. You come back with the head of my enemy. You come back and call it my victory.” Take heart friend! No matter what’s surrounding you in your dry wilderness you will come out victorious! I love you and so does God!


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    My Defense / Save Me 12x12” Canvas

    $350.00 USD

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