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    Forever and Ever 12x12” Canvas

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    100% of profits go towards advancing The Kingdom of God

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    Acrylic on canvas by Mikayla Ragsdale. 1/1 original cover art for the song “Forever and Ever” by Brett Raio and Anthony Wilson from the Psalms album, based on Psalms 41-50 of The Book of Psalms.

    • Hand-painted, professionally-commissioned 12x12" canvas.

    • Support Kingdom artists.

    • Represent Jesus. Share The Gospel & Wear it too!

    • 100% of profits go towards advancing The Kingdom of God.

    From the artist: “This painting came to me so quickly! I was just turning again to read and meditate on the Psalms that inspired this title when God suddenly dropped a vision into my spirit and saw the Milky Way! What the Lord wants to say through this is He reaches into the past, present and future! 🕊~The Holy Spirit was hovering over the waters in the beginning before the creation of the universe(Genesis 1:2). He’s rushing into the past to show He was there before time began and He started time. 🐑~ The Lamb is Jesus. The Cross is the glorious centerpiece of Creation! The Lamb’s sacrifice is a gift that costed a high price. Like a lamb Jesus suffered but the Lion has arose! 🦁~The Lion is racing into the future to show Jesus is coming back! The great Lion of Judah will return and make every wrong right! “Then one of the elders said to me, “Do not weep! See, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has triumphed....”Revelation 5:5 NIV. God is beyond our physical time. It’s hard to wrap our earthy minds around that because birth and death are so common in our world. But because He’s eternal we can take comfort in knowing he’s in our every moment. Hearing us, ready to save and make every part of our lives past, present and future a masterpiece.”


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    Forever and Ever 12x12” Canvas

    $500.00 USD

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